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Write a resume of the person you want to nominate.  Please be detailed, as we may or may not know the person.  You may contact any one on the Board of Directors, who will help you with your nomination.  The nominee doesn't have to own a hotrod to be considered.  

What is this person's connection to the hot rod community?

Does the nominee promote car shows?  Sponsor car shows?  Work behind the scenes?  How does he/she volunteer?  Does he/she write books or magazines about hotrods or the hot rod community?  Has he/she been involved in racing?  We would like to know not only what the person did for the hot rod community, but also how they give back to the community they live in.  Do they donate to charities or perhaps donate time and knowledge or experience to others.  What makes that person shine?

The person doesn't need to have all of these requirements.

Once your nomination is ready, please email it to Brady Wright or the IDaHHOF email address.

understand the information.

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