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You can nominate inductees and clubs for the various recognitions and meet other car folks from all over the state.  You may walk away with a door prize or maybe, just maybe, you may be an inductee and gain the coveted IdaHHOF jacket. 

If you like to be surrounded by car guys and gals, like surprises or like to see someone surprised, and if you like to have a good time; the Idaho Hot Rod Hall of Fame Award Ceremony and Banquet is for you.

If you are ready to nominate someone or you know of a car club that should be recognized, all you need to do now is contact any one on the Board of Directors.  They will help you get your nomination in.  Then we will wait for the next Idaho Hot Rod Hall of Fame Award Ceremony and Banquet to see who is inducted.  Get the nomination in already.  We can't have an awards ceremony without nominations.  You nominate and we vote, it's easy on your part and hard on ours.  We need all the information you can provide, as you know the people and chances are we don't.

How do you nominate someone?

Write a resume of the person you want to nominate.  Please be detailed, as we may or may not know the person.  You may contact any one on the Board of Directors, who will help you with your nomination.  The nominee doesn't have to own a hotrod to be considered.  

What is this person's connection to the hot rod community?

Does the nominee promote car shows?  Sponsor car shows?  Work behind the scenes?  How does he/she volunteer?  Does he/she write books or magazines about hotrods or the hot rod community?  Has he/she been involved in racing?  We would like to know not only what the person did for the hot rod community, but also how they give back to the community they live in.  Do they donate to charities or perhaps donate time and knowledge or experience to others.  What makes that person shine?

The person doesn't need to have all of these requirements.

Once your nomination is ready, please email it to Brady Wright or the IDaHHOF email address.

Is this for adults only?

Yes, to be inducted into the Idaho Hot Rod Hall of Fame you must be an adult.   We do have a Young Rodder award and also a Scholarship program for the younger generation.

How do the inductees get picked?

All resumes are reviewed by the Board of Directors and then they vote yes or no, we use a majority rule to determine if the nominated person is qualified, then he or she is inducted at the annual award ceremony and banquet.

How do I suggest a car club?

You contact any one on the Board of Directors with the information, i.e, club achievements, history and goals.

When do you accept nominations and is there a cut-off date for them?

We accept nominations all year long.  If you turn one in and we have already made our decisions for the current year, we will vote on it and notify you the decision, then the induction will be the following year.  We strive to induct no more than six per year, but we also know sometimes we have to make exceptions.  If you have a nomination, please send it in.  Thank you,

Does this event go out of state?

No, this is the Idaho Hot Rod Hall of Fame, it will always be in Idaho and for Idaho rodders.

How do I obtain scholarship info?

Please contact Scholarship Director and member of the Technical College Advisory Board. 

How do I sponsor this event?

Please contact Brady Wright or   director

How do I submit artwork?

Please contact director and art show curator

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